HRS: – More realistic figures about immigration

Senior Advisor at Statistics Norway Marianne TonnessenOSLO.Senior Advisor at Statistics Norway Marianne Tonnessen.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Human Rights Service (HRS) applauds the new forecasts for immigration and population growth from Statistics Norway (SSB). The foundation has previously accused SSB of embellishing their figures.

Statistics Norway estimates that the proportion of immigrants and Norwegians born to immigrant parents will amount to between 29 and 40 percent of the Norwegian population in 2060. For 2100, the forecast reports that those numbers will increase to between 36 percent and 49 percent, writes Aftenposten.

– The population projections that were presented this week were more realistic. SSB has been particularly good at present predictions of the immigration proportions, says managing director Rita Karlsen of the Foundation of Human Rights Service.

In 2008, the SSB was accused of making up the numbers. Human Rights Service at the time produced a report based on Statistics Norway’s calculations, with far higher forecasts for population proportion of immigrant origin in the future.

SSB now predicts that net immigration will descend after a small peak in the coming years, then level out in 2100.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today