Hundreds of people left the Church of Norway one day after it demanded a stop to oil exploration

ChurchPhoto: Stefan Kunze / Unsplash

A total of 434 people left the Church of Norway the day after it called for an end to further oil and gas exploration activity on the Norwegian shelf.

The daily number is higher than the number for the previous ten days in total and gives an indication that it may be related to the Church’s political decision.

The newspaper Nettavisen obtained the figures from the Church.

“I have been a member of the Church because of traditions and because I have perceived the Church as a place for everyone. Now the Church is taking part in a case where I think the outcome could be that Norway is brought back to the time before the oil age, economically speaking. A no to oil exploration would crush the industry along the coast,” Stian Espeland, one of the members of a pro-oil group, told Nettavisen. 

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Hundreds of people left the Church of Norway one day after it demanded a stop to oil exploration"

  1. As an American independent, I believe religion and politics should not be mixed … like Protestant evangelist Jerry Falwell tried to do with his Moral Majority and Pope Francis tried to do protesting on our southern border in 2016 us not opening our Gates of Troy to Latin/Mexican immigrants.

    And a *total* shutdown of Norway’s oil – fossil fuel – industry would indeed devastate if not destroy Norway’s economy which is now as addicted to that as Alaska’s was and is.

    But to literally avoid our extinction, fossil fuel production must be drastically – Draconianly – cut down, and opening new fields makes absolutely no sense at all.

    If Jesus were alive today, I am certain he would be supporting Life and opposing continued fossil fuel development, so I do believe the Church of Norway is right in this.

    By the way, which church is that in the photo? Nidaros Cathedral?

    And shouldn’t St. Olav’s church in Tønsberg be re-built, if only a replica at/on another site?

    We could certainly use a real church here in Flateby.

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