Illegal drone closed the runway at Gardermoen

DroneDrone. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

The eastern (Østre) runway at Oslo airport, Gardermoen, was closed for about an hour at 20.00 on Monday evening.


The reason was a drone that had been seen flying in the area.

A couple of detectives had seen a drone in the area, so we have started a search, explained operation manager, Ronny Årstein, of the Eastern Police District to NTB news.

At 19.55, Romerike police received the first messages of a drone hovering in the air over E16, just south of Gardermoen, at the approach to the eastern runway, according to Romerike Blad newspaper.

‘There were people on the hills who had observed the drone flying up and down the area. We are now searching for those who’ve flown this drone,’ said Aarstein to news.

An hour later, the police reported that the search had brought no results, and the runway was reopened.
Communications Manager, Gurli Ulverud, of Avinor, said they take the situation very seriously.

‘This is very dangerous for aviation safety. At worst, it could cause a plane crash,’ she said.

According to Ulverud, the runway suspension didn’t cause major delays in air traffic, as the western runway remained open.

Drone aircraft aren’t allowed within 5 kilometres of the airport.

‘We ask people to make sure they abide by this law before sending up their drones,’ she said.


Source: NRK / Norway Today