Increasingly fewer farms in Norway

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Increasingly fewer farms in Norway

Nearly 800 fewer farms were registered in 2017 than in the previous year. In ten years, 9,600 farm businesses have disappeared.


There were 40,388 farms registered in Norway in 2017. The decline from 2016 was 1.9% show figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) reported in Nationen newspaper.

“Still fewer are living by producing food in this country. It’s worrying, among other reasons, because it means that valuable food soil is not being tended to,” said Lars Petter Bartnes, chairman of the ‘Norsk Bondelag’ (Association of Norwegian Farmers).

There is a continuous case of cows and sheep farms going out of service.

There have been over 5,500 fewer dairy cows and around 1,500 fewer sheep in 10 years.


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