Norwegian-born immigrants earn more than their parents

MoneyMoney.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

While the wage level of immigrants is generally lower than in the total population, immigrant children born in Norway earn more than their parents, figures from Statistics Norway show.

Immigrant households have lower incomes than the total population, but there are large variations in income levels depending on where they come from, the reason for immigration and how long they have lived in the country, show figures from Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway).

Norwegian-borns with immigrant parents manage better financially than those who have immigrated themselves. This is a group consisting of many young people, under the age of 40.

Norwegian-borns between the age of 25 to 39 years with immigrant parents, had an income of 97 per cent of the average income level of peers in the population as a whole.

Among people of the same age group who themselves immigrated to Norway, income levels are 79 per cent compared to the same age group in the entire population.

Overall, the immigrant population in Norway has only 77 per cent of the income level of the rest of the population in 2015.

Immigrants coming from the EU have an income level of 84 percent, while immigrants from continents such as Africa and Asia have a income level equivalent to an average of 70 percent of the general population income.

Income level is measured using a meridian calculated on income after tax per consuming unit in a household.


Source: NRK / Norway Today