Iranian imprisoned after shopping trip to Sweden

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Iranian male is sentenced to one year imprisonment after shopping trip to Sweden

An Iranian in his 30s, expelled from Norway, has been sentenced to one year in prison after he went shopping in Sweden.

In March last year, the man, living in Østfold, went to Sweden with a mate to shop for food and snuff (snus).

When he returned across the border to Norway, he was recognized by a police officer who was aware that he was expelled.

Halden District Court states that the man is guilty of gross negligence of the entry ban to Norway, and sentenced him to prison for one year. The man appealed to the Court of Appeal, who has now denied the appeal, writes Vårt Land.

The Iranian was expelled from Norway in 2012 with a permanent entry ban.


“The level of punishment in this type of case has become unreasonably high,” says the defender of the man, Hans Christian Nygaard Wang, to Vårt Land.

 The man does not have an Iranian passport and has not wanted to contribute to this, and cannot therefore be forced to return to his country of origin. The man has previously been convicted of very serious circumstances.

 In recent years he has lived with his parents, who have legal residence in Norway.

 “The Court of Appeal does not find it possible to emphasize that the accused was just above the limit to act and that he was only being out of the country for a few hours.

 When a person expelled travels out of the country, entry to Norway is subject to the entry ban regardless of the reason for the departure and for how long he has been abroad, mentioned in the verdict.


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