IS mother won’t relinquish her sick 4-year-old

Mohyeldeen Mohammad Bastian Alexis Vasquez ISIL IS Court Islamic stateMohyeldeen Mohammad (left) together with Bastian Alexis Vasquez in January 2013. The picture is supposedly taken near the front in Syria. Photo: Screendump / Facebook.

Mother of sick child won’t relinquish her kids to the authorities

A Norwegian woman (29) will not ask the Norwegian authorities to bring her two children to Norway, although her son is seriously ill. The family is located in the al-Hol camp in Syria.

The woman has consulted with her lawyer and has concluded that she does not want to send her children to Norway without her, despite her son’s illness. This according to NRK

“She has reached the conclusion that it will expose the children to trauma and stress that they simply cannot handle. This, after a concrete assessment,” the woman’s lawyer, Nils Christian Nordhus tells NRK.

The lawyer says he does not rule out that the woman will consider the case differently in the future, because of the serious situation her four-year-old son is in.

The woman has previously pleaded with the Norwegian authorities to assist her and her two children so that they can return to Norway.


Cystic fibrosis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) – in a letter to the woman’s lawyer – has made it clear that they can only assist the return of the children, without the mother. The case has long been deadlocked because the Kurdish autonomous authorities have refused to separate mother and child. However, the Kurdish authorities relaxed this principle this week – if a child is seriously ill.

The four-year-old allegedly suffer from cystic fibrosis. Health professionals at the al-Hol camp field hospital have concluded that they cannot provide the four-year-old with the advanced treatment he needs.

The boy has been interned together with his mother and little sister (3) since March. the family then came out of the enclave of the Islamic State at Baghouz.

The mother is under investigation by the Police Security Service (PST), suspected of participating in a terrorist organisation. She refuses to have done anything wrong. She alleges that the dead terrorist Bastian Vasques brought her to the Islamic State against her will.

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