Jensen on EU: – Today my vote would be no

EU flagEU flag. Photo. Norway Today media

The leader of the Progressive Party (FrP), Siv Jensen, made it clear at meeting of the National Executive Committee’s convention that her present vote on EU membership would be no.

The FrP leader has therefore changed her position since voting yes to Norwegian EU membership in 1994.

– Today my vote would be no, Jensen underlined in her speech at the party’ headquarters in Oslo Saturday morning.

– From focusing on trade and deregulation, the EU has become a project of regulations with the absence of national control, the party leader said.

– Commercial and peace – projects have been turned into a bureaucracy quagmire, the Minister of Finance elaborated.

The scepticism against EU and EEA has been growing inside FrP and the debate will culminate in early May at the party’s national convention.

The party’s program committee is saying no to EU membership and is open to renegotiate parts of the EEA Agreement.

The agreement is of “vital importance”, but in some areas it must “be more strictly enforced” and “if necessary renegotiated,”  states the draft to the manifesto.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today