20 offenses after first week of Oslo in charge of garbage disposal

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, pension fundThe Environmental Commissioner Lan Marie Nguyen Berg.Photo: MDG

Commissioner can not promise any further violations against working conditions.

The Environmental Commissioner promised Oslo’s 170 newly appointed municipal garbage collectors that the Municipality would not violate the law systematically.

In a press release from the Office for Sanitation in Oslo, it emerges that they have discovered 20 violations of working conditions for Week 8 of the year.
Six of the violations involve working for more than 13 hours per day, while the remaining 14 are violations of rest time rules, according to the municipality.

The labour inspectorate of Oslo wants time to evaluate the situation before making a comment on the breaches that the municipality themselves now are reporting.

– This is new information to me and I need to know more before I make a statement, writes regional director for the Labour Inspectorate, Ørnulf Halmrast. He elaborates that
– It is Oslo, who is responsible to ensure that the Workers’ Environment Act is followed for their own employees.

Promised improvement

It is henceforth the municipality of Oslo who is responsible for the garbage bins in the capital, after the municipality on February 19th terminated the contract with the, now defunct, waste disposal company Veireno.
The termination came after thousands of complaints on late trash removals, in addition to numerous and extensive violations of the Workers Environment Act.


Source: Dagbladet / Norway Today