Keshvari charged with serious threats

Mazyar KeshvariMazyar Keshvari (Progress Party). Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Keshvari charged with Serious threats

Member of the Norwegian Parliament, Mazyar Keshvari, was arrested and charged with serious threats this weekend. “It is very serious,” Parliamentary Leader of the Progress Party, Hans Andreas Limi, comments.


Keshvari was arrested and charged with threats this weekend, according to VG. The newspaper is informed that the aggrieved person felt that the 37-years-old Progress Party politician performed some kind of «Russian roulette» with a handgun.

There allegedly was alcohol and intoxication involved. The police supposedly have seized a gun in the case.

Keshvari was released from custody on Sunday, but the charge against him has been maintained.

“The charge against Keshvari is very serious. We know that he has been through a lot in the last six months and that he has experienced a difficult time. The police must now be given time to do their job,” Limi writes in a text message to NTB.

Investigated for fraud

Mazyar Keshvari is already under investigation by the Oslo Police District for fraud and has confirmed that he has submitted fraudulent travel expenses to the Norwegian Parliament. According to an investigator in the fraud case, Rune Skjold, there is currently no connection between that and this charge, writes Dagbladet.

“The alleged perpetrator was arrested during the weekend for making threats and held in police custody until Sunday. Then he was released from custody,” Police Lawyer in the East Police District, Tea Sletto Øverseth, tells NTB.

Keshvari’s defence lawyer, Bjørn Stordrange, has not answered the inquiries made by NTB. He, however, emphasises to VG that Keshvari does not recognise any criminal liability in the matter.

“We are now working on mapping the course of events, and cannot go out with details about the basis for the charge,” Police Lawyer Øverseth explains.

Serious threats

According to VG, Keshvari is charged under paragraphs 264 and 263 of the Criminal Code. The former deals with serious threats and has a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment.

Paragraph 264 states:

«In deciding whether the threat is serious, particular emphasis should be placed on whether it is aimed at a defenceless person, whether it is unprovoked or by several acting together, and whether it is motivated by colour of skin, national or ethnic origin, religion or other belief systems, homosexuality or reduced functional capacity».

The police will not yet go into more detail on the types of threats they believe the politician has made, or who they were directed at.

“It is the making of threats. We do not wish to show our cards at the moment. We will, therefore, not go further into what the threats are about,” the Police Lawyer states.

Won’t show their cards

The police will not disclose whether the politician gave an explanation while he was in custody through the weekend. It is currently not appropriate to present the politician for detainment.

“We will continue to investigate the case in the usual manner, using ordinary investigation methods. We will return with further information if we deem it appropriate to do so,” the Police Lawyer concludes.

Fraud charged MP, Keshvari, back to work

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