Large parts of Bodø without water supply

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Large parts of Bodø without water supply – crisis staff in place

The Nordland Hospital and large parts of Bodø city centre are without water after a water supply pipe was pierced during digging on Tuesday morning. Latest update is that a large part of the supply is restored.


– The hospital is affected, that applies to both at Rønvik and the city centre. We are now working to obtain an overview of the situation, Communications Director at Nordland Hospital, Randi Angelsen tells Avisa Nordland.

She states to the local newspaper that there is established a crisis staff at the hospital.

The water pipe that is damaged during digging at Stormyra in connection with the development of highway 80, is the main supply to the centre of Bodø. The area from Stormyra, via the airport and to the other side of the city centre is affected, according to Section Head for Water and Drainage in the Bodø municipality, Ståle Enge.

School closes

Bodø High School closes and sends the students home due to the water shortage, while Bankgata School assesses the situation on a continuous basis.

The municipality can not guarantee that the water supply is restored on Tuesday.

– We can of course never provide a guarantee, but I’m sure it will be fine. What we do first, is that we seal off the break and try to route the water through alternative pipes. There will probably be some disturbances in the water supply throughout the day, Enge concludes.

Partly restored

Bodø municipality reports that the water supply is restored in parts of Bodø.

– The water is reconnected and all those affected supposedly have water available in their faucets. Somewhat reduced water pressure and discolourment may occur. Within two hours, it will be back to normal,  Mayor Ida Pinnerød informs. She heads the crisis staff in Bodø municipality.

Boiling the water is advised for the next eight hours.

– Obviously, it is very serious when the water supply is gone, especially with regard to those who work with life and health. Therefore, it is important for us that the backup solution works and that it is quickly corrected, Ida Pinnerød states.


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