Lack of foster homes and emergency shelters

Boy Foster homeBoy with sunscreen on his back.Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix

Large-scale lack of foster home places and emergency shelters in Norway

The need for foster home places has increased in Norway, with 309 children waiting in line. Additionally, there is an acute shortage of emergency shelter in several places, reported TV 2.


Figures from the Children, Youth and Family Directorate (Bufdir) show that in excess of 11,500 children and young people live in foster homes in Norway today, while 309 are waiting for foster accommodation.
‘This isn’t a situation we are happy about. We spend a lot of time recruiting current families, and homes for foster children’, said section chief of the foster home department in Bufdir, Unni Nygaard, to TV 2 news channel.

Asker og Bærum tops the lists

 There is also a lack of emergency home care, which may be an option if you want to contribute, but aren’t ready to take foster children on a permanent basis.
Emergency shelters are foster homes that are ready to receive children, or adolescents, in an emergency situation. After a period of time, it may be appropriate for the youngsters to move to permanent foster homes, a child care institution, or back home to the parents.
Places where there is high pressure, and demand, are Asker and Bærum. According to Budstikka, they presently lack 30 emergency shelters, and 30 foster homes.
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