Lawyers accused in amphetamine case

amphetamineAmphetamine in powder form. Photo: SINTES, OFDT

Lawyers indicted after large amphetamine seizure in Tromsø

The police discovered 66 kilograms of amphetamine in a hotel in Tromsø in the autumn of 2017. Five men in their forties are now charged in the case. Two of them lawyers.

The five are accused of importing, storing and selling amphetamine, or contributing to that, according to a press release from the public prosecutor of Troms and Finnmark. The narcotics have arrived in Tromsø on two occasions, a party of 17 kilos in the autumn of 2016 and 70 kilos about one year later.

Two of the five defendants are former Tromsø lawyers. In addition, a Norwegian, a German and a Bulgarian citizen are charged in the case. The German is considered as the principal.

The public prosecutor states that the actions in the indictment are considered as partaking in an organised crime group.

Expansion considered

“An indictment against another person is considered for the same relationship. This applies to a German citizen. He is currently in custody in Spain but is expected to be transferred to Norway shortly. For another accused, German citizen, the criminal case is transferred to  German authorities for further processing.

One of the lawyers has been directly involved in the sale of the amphetamine. He has also arranged and paid for flights for one of the co-defendants, according to the accusation. The other lawyer is charged with complicity in the imports, as well as being in possession of 43 grams of cocaine.



Admits partial culpability

The case is scheduled to start in the North Troms District Court in Tromsø on September 30th. The court has set aside five weeks for the treatment.

Lawyer Reidar Steinsvik tells Norwegian TV2 that his client denies guilt. Steinsvik defends the Bulgarian man. One of the lawyers acknowledges partial culpability.

“He acknowledges partial culpability because he has been involved with two kilogrammes of amphetamine,” his lawyer, Jan Christian Kvanvik, tells the broadcaster.

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