Lecturer with 900 grams amphetamine and stolen weapons

Bergen District Court.Photo: wikipedia.org

A college lecturer in Bergen is charged with drug crimes and theft of several weapons

The lecturer has published a number of scientific articles and has also published books, writes Bergens Tidende.


 On December 15th, last year, the police searched his home in Bergen which they found 884 grams of amphetamine, 299 narcotic tablets and four grams of hashish. In April, he was arrested with several stolen weapons in his car.

“The seizure was made in connection with an ongoing investigation against several different persons in the drug environment in Bergen,” said police adviser Jan Christian Alvheim at the Section for Organized Crime at the West Police District.

The man was detained in April, but released last week against the wishes of the police.

On Sunday, he was arrested again. The police intervened in a fight when they witnessed the man on the spot, where he was using an air gun.

Lecture series

They also found smaller amounts of drugs on him. The police therefore arrested him once again, and asked for four weeks detention in the Bergen District Court.

During the prison meeting, the man asked to be released on the grounds that he had a lecture series for the autumn that he had to prepare for, but the court did not pay heed to this.

“He has been a lot in prison and appealed to Gulating Court of Appeal,” says the defender Stein Erik Ottesen.


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