Lunar Eclipse on Monday across Norway

blood moon, lunar eclipseA blood moon / total lunar eclipse. Photo: Michael Stillwell/

Total Lunar Eclipse on Monday across Norway 

In the early hours of Monday, the Moon is slowly but surely gobbled up by Earth’s shadow. The total Lunar Eclipse can be seen from all across Norway if the weather cooperates. A weather update has been added, and that is bleak.


«The spectacular event in the sky is expected to begin around 4:30 am on Monday and should be easily observed throughout Norway, provided good weather», the Norwegian astrophysical website Himmelkalenderen writes.

A total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are perfectly aligned and the moon enters into the complete shadow of the Earth.

Set the alarm

During Monday’s Lunar Eclipse, the Moon will be completely covered by the Earth’s shadow at 05.41 am. A full eclipse will last for an hour and three minutes and is special since it occurs while the Moon is a so-called super moon.

«In addition to the Lunar Eclipse, two bright morning planets will greet the day», writes Himmelkalenderen (Sky Calendar).

Venus and Jupiter will ascend while the eclipse is in its final phase. Venus, which is the clearest, will appear first. Both will pass very low in the sky and not be visible from Northern Norway.

Bad weather forecast

If you are among the more than 2.5 million persons who live in Norway’s most populous region, there is probably little point in getting up before the cockerel crows in order to experience the rare heavenly phenomenon.

“In Eastern Norway, there will be a dense cloud cover, and it is probably unfortunately here there is the least chance of experience the Lunar Eclipse, Meteorologist on Duty, Anne Beate Skattør,” tells NTB.

“It looks to be a DOA,” she adds.

If you are a celestial enthusiast and live in Nordland and Trøndelag, on the other hand, there are good opportunities. It is here that there is the greatest chance of seeing the Earth’s shadowing for the moon. You can also take the chance if you live in Western Norway, Northern Troms, Finnmark or in the south of Agder.

“There are some clouds in these parts of Norway as well, but if you are lucky, the cloud cover can crack up so that it becomes possible to see the super-moon eclipse here and there,” Skattør hopes.

Long wait for the next one

Astrophysicist Jan-Erik Ovaldsen recommends people to be early birds on Monday to watch the total Lunar Eclipse, as it may be long before next time. According to Ovaldsen, it can be almost ten years before you can observe the entire course of a total lunar eclipse in Norway once again.

“I really recommend taking this opportunity – if the weather is clear where you are. You do not necessarily have to be up and about for half the night, but if you get up just before 6 am, you can experience both the full eclipse and the partial phase at the end,” Ovaldsen recommends on the site.

2018 offered two total Lunar Eclipses. The first occurred on January 31st and was most visible and spectacular in Northern Norway. The other took place on July 27th and was the most interesting in the southernmost part of Norway.

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