Major damage to several cars from fires at Bjørndal in Oslo

Car fireBjørndal in Oslo. Car fire.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

A total of 34 people have been evacuated as a result of several car fires at Bjørndal in Oslo early on Saturday morning. In a garage, about ten vehicles have been hit.


The police first reported a car fire on Åslandhellinga in east Oslo at 05.26.The fire spread quickly to two other cars and caused a lot of black smoke at the scene.

A total of 34 people from several nearby homes were therefore evacuated by the police, while other residents in the area were encouraged to close their windows.

At 06.40 the police reported that the fire was extinguished, but that the three vehicles had some major damage. All those evacuated have moved into their homes again.

Fire in the garage

While the police and the fire department worked with the fire at the scene,another car caught fire at Nyjordstubben in close proximity.

The fire service had to quickly redistribute its crews.

The car was in a garage, and on Twitter the police said that the garage was fully on fire. So far, two cars have been burned, while a number of vehicles have suffered damage of varying degrees. The fire department was working at 06.45, still on site.

Nobody was evacuated as a result of the fire at Nyjordstubben.

Probably arson

Operations Manager, Tor Jøkling, in Oslo police district, said they suspect the fire is arson. The police have several patrols, including dog patrol, on the spot.A police helicopter has also been put into operation.

“We are looking for people who can be linked to the fires. There are no concrete findings that make us suspect that the fires are arson attacks,but it seems connected that two cars in the same area suddenly started burning at the same time,’’ said Jøkling to NTB news.

The police also seized one of the burned cars on Åslandhellinga to conduct technical investigations.

No personal injury was reported in connection with any of the fires.


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