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Man convicted of sneak photos and medicine theft

sneak photography and medicine theftMedicines Photo:


Health worker convicted of sneak photography and medicine theft

A former health worker in his twenties has been sentenced to a community service penalty after he sneak photographed women and stole medicines.


The drugs were stolen from a hospital, and the man from Sogn og Fjordane also used false requisitions to acquire medications, writes Bergens Tidende.

The confession case in Sogn og Fjordane district court also includes three cases of sexually offensive behavior. In connection with the model photography of women he knew, he filmed them using a hidden camera while they changed clothes and believed to be alone.

Defender for the man, Ivar Blikra, emphazises that the images were not spread. Regarding the drug thefts he says that the client stole for his own use only. The case has led to the man losing his authorization as a health worker.

The man has accepted the penalty of 58 hours community service.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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