Tesla holds off legal proceedings by Norwegian customers

TeslaA Tesla Model S is available for charging.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

Tesla has reached agreement with 37 car owners who could have sued the company. Thus, there will be no trial.


The customers were scheduled to meet the electric car manufacturer in Oslo district court just after Easter, but a representative confirm to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper that the case had been resolved.

The background for the lawsuit was that the Tesla P85D model was marketed with 700 horsepower, but proved to be lower.

The parties would not disclose the content of the agreement.
In 2016, Tesla entered into a settlement with 133 customers who owned the S P85D model in a similar case. At that time, customers received NOK 65,000 in cash, or a combination of cash, upgrades of the car,or different equipment packages.


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