Charged with murder in Tønsberg – released

Tønsberg woman dead husøyA woman in her forties was found dead on Husøy outside Tønsberg on Thursday. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Man charged with murder in Tønsberg released from custody

The man in his fifties, who was arrested after a woman in her forties was found dead in a house on Husøy near Tønsberg on Wednesday, was released on Thursday.


The police are currently reluctant to provide information surrounding the death and will not say much about why they link the man to the case. He was arrested just a few hours after the woman was found dead on Wednesday.

– This is a neighbour, and he was active at the scene when the police were present. Descriptions and explanations from witnesses, among other leads, led us to arrest him, says Police Inspector Magne Pedersen to NTB.

The man, who is charged with gross bodily harm resulting in death, made a statement the night before Thursday.  The police do not want to say anything about what he has said during the interrogation or how he pleads, but informs Tønsbergs Blad that he was to be released on Thursday.

– When we finish the interrogation and search of his home later today, he will be released, Pedersen told the newspaper.


Both Nettavisen and Tønsbergs Blad report that the woman in her forties suffered visible injuries when she was found dead in a house at Husøy near Tønsberg, and that there were reasonable grounds to suspect that something criminal had happened to her.

Pedersen can not confirm that the woman has visible injuries, and says the police await results from the autopsy of the woman, which will be available sometime after Easter, as the forensics are off on holidays until Tuesday.

– We can not go into details regarding any injuries because of the investigation. But it was enough in order for us to investigate the case as being a suspicious death, says Pedersen.

The deceased woman’s neighbour is currently the only suspect in the case. As far as the police have knowledge of, he has no relation to the deceased beyond living next door.


Pedersen states that the police have investigated the scene throughout the night and secured some traces and items.

On Thursday, the police continued to investigate the scene, as well as trying to find out whether there are any witnesses who may have heard or seen anything.

The primary autopsy report is .what is awaited most eagerly at the moment The fact that it will not be available until after Easter, police inspector Pedersen thinks is very unfortunate.

– It’s very unfortunate that it’s going to take so long before having forensic personnel available. We have labeled this as a suspicious death and are trying to figure out what the cause of death is as soon as possible. We have secured a number of pictures and trace evidence at the scene, but it’s only after the deceased has been autopsied that we can tell more about the actual cause of death, he says to NRK.

The latest information is that the man denies any guilt nor knowledge as to what has taken place.


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