Salvage of KNM Helge Ingstad has cost ½ bn

KNM Helge IngstadKNM Helge Ingstad 2019-01-08 after the collision with the tanker TS Sola. Photo: Bendik Skogli / Forsvaret

Salvage of KNM «Helge Ingstad» has cost ± NOK half a billion

The salvage of the wrecked frigate, KNM «Helge Ingstad», is estimated to have cost half a billion NOK so far, Norwegian Minister of Defence, Frank Bakke-Jensen (Conservatives), informs the Parliament.


This figure and, not least, how much the rest of the work will cost, is in the blue.

“The scope of work and overall cost for raising and transporting KNM «Helge Ingstad», including securing the environment in the area, are characterised by many uncertainties. The cost of this work is currently estimated at just over half a billion kroner,” the Minister of Defence reports to the Norwegian Parliament regarding the frigate wreckage on Tuesday.

Whether the vessel is to be repaired or replaced is also still unclear.

Salvage of parts

According to the Minister of Defence, it is nevertheless planned to salvage and preserve material from the frigate which can be reused on the other frigates that are still operational.

KNM Helge Ingstad is still underwater at the shoreline in Øygarden in Hordaland after the collision with the Panamax tanker TS «Sola» during the night before November 8th, 2018.
“The raising of the frigate will resume on Thursday,” according to Bakke-Jensen.

Not sure of Thursday

Defence material believes it is uncertain whether the work to raise the frigate Helge Ingstad can start on Thursday, as the Minister of Defence tells the Parliament.

“We have some hours of work left, and we do not yet know exactly how long this will take. So we are, as the Minister of Defence informs, dependent on good weather over an extended period. When all the work on preparations is completed, we must review the weather situation,” Communication Advisor of Defence Materials, Vigdis Hvaal, tells NTB.

“There are many pieces that must fall into place, both wave height and not least wind and type of wind. It is not certain that these factors come together on Thursday,” she continues.

“The raising process has taken longer than planned. The weather is the biggest challenge. In order to carry out the operation, stable good weather is needed for a week. The forecast is that one now envisages starting work on Thursday,” Bakke-Jensen explains to the Norwegian Parliament.

Increasing wind

An Increasing wind has been reported during this evening and on Wednesday, which can lead to a temporary halt in the work, the Armed Forces write on their web pages. It is stated that it in the coming week will have alternating weather with a wind force of around 10 metres per seconds.

«Review of detailed plans for the lifting, as well as exercise and training of the different players involved in the lifting operation, continues until it can start», the webpage informs.

The crane barge «Rambiz» is located by the frigate and is working on the last preparation of the lifting chains.

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