Märtha Louise regrets using her title

Märtha Louise Martha LouiseThe first two pictures on Märtha Louise's business account on Instagram. Photo: Märtha Louise/Instagram

Märtha Louise regrets linking her title to her business

Princess Märtha Louise says it was a mistake to use her royal title under her May tour. Now she stops using the princess title commercially.

“It was a mistake, and I realise it provokes when the princess title is used this way,” Märtha Louise posts on Instagram.

The princess received a lot of criticism in connection with the tour «The Princess and the Shaman» in May. The Royal Palace informed NRK that they would have a dialogue with her about her use of the title in business contexts. Three months later, the Royal Family has thus concluded.

They believe it is best that Princess Märtha Louise no longer use the princess title when she engages in income-generating business. This is confirmed by both the princess and the Royal House’s webpage.

Will stick to Märtha Louise only

“We have therefore jointly come to the conclusion that I use the title princess when I represent the Royal House, do my official assignments at home and abroad and in private contexts,” the princess writes.

This means that Princess Märtha Louise in all commercial contexts uses the name Märtha Louise in the future. The princess believes that this is a good solution.

“There will be a clear distinction between my business activities and my role as representative of the Royal House. I have thus created room for greater freedom in my business activities.”

Controversial tour

Durek Verrett and Märtha Louise started the lecture tour «The Princess and the Shaman» in May.They confirmed that they are an item at the start of the tour.

the tour consisted of workshops and lectures in Norway and Denmark.

The newspaper Fædrelandsvennen urged Princess Märtha to relinquish the princess title in an editorial at the time. She flatly rejected to comply.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) believes that it is a correct decision.

“It is a wise assessment of her, and well in line with what the Norwegian public also feel in this matter. It’s nice that she has listened,” the Prime Minister of Norway tells NRK.


Business account on Instagram

On Saturday, Verrett and Märtha Louise are hosting a webinar that the princess advertised on her Instagram account on Tuesday. In the photo, she is titled as Princess Märtha Louise, while on the webpage where you can book a seat, she uses her name, Märtha Louise without title.

“Here the princess title has been removed, and it is now only Märtha Louise. There are no other major events in the pipeline that need to be changed,” Manager of the princess, Carina Scheele Carlsen, tells VG.

Her official Instagram account, which has around 127,000 followers, boasts her title. She has now created a new business-related account. The first two posts appeared there on Tuesday.

Her company «Prinsesse Märtha Louise Kulturformidling» is still registered as active Aftenposten writes.

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