Memorial service for the women who died in Romsås

RomsåsRomsås.Photo: Mariam Butt / NTB scanpix

Family and friends gathered on Friday for a memorial service for the three women who were found dead last week in an apartment in Romsås.


The three, a 69-year-old Eritrean mother and her older daughters aged 28 and 35, had probably died for several months before they were found.

On Friday, family and friends of the three women gathered for a memorial service at the Sofienberg church in Oslo.

The mother and the oldest daughter came from Eritrea to Norway as refugees in the 1980s, while the youngest daughter was Norwegian-Eritrean, NRK writes.

The cause of the death is not yet known, and the police still know very little about what may have occured. According to neighbors, family and friends, the women had isolated themselves from the outside world.


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