Meteorologists warn about large rainfall in four counties this Friday

rainfallMeteorologists warn about large rainfall.Photo: Emil Breistein / NTB scanpix

The Meteorological Institute has issued a notice of high rainfall in the Agder counties, Telemark and Vestfold on Friday.


There are likely to be large amounts of local rainfall, especially in the inner areas, and can reach up to 50-70 millimeters in 24 hours and 40-60 millimeters in twelve hours. The largest rainfall is expected during Friday afternoon.

“The precipitation that will come Friday will equal half a month of rainfall. I would not take my umbrella if I was going out, but rather rain gear and boots.” says Meteorologist Bjart Eriksen to NRK.

He says the heavy rain bands will first hit the Agder counties, then it will move on to Telemark and Vestfold during the day. It will be the powerful down pours that provide the highest rainfall rates.

– There is a danger of flash flooding in densely populated areas, localized flooding, water levels will rise along waterways and river banks, and landslides in the area where this precipitation comes, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) writes in its weather warning.

Naturally there is the need to take preventive measures, as well as assessments and that emergency preparedness crews must be ready to assess the current emergency and to be prepared.


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