Immigration will cost NOK 10,000 extra per person by 2100

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Pernille Nielsen / NTB scanpix

New research from Statistics Norway (SSB) shows that Immigration to Norway will cost 10,000 extra per person in tax every year, from 2025.


One important reason for this is that the population will be twice as high as expected (due to immigration) by the end of this century, as it would have been without immigration, reported NRK news.

‘The extra population generated by immigration from 2016 onward will be 4.1 million people in 2100,’ said researcher, Erling Holmøy, from SSB to the news channel.

According to SSB, the majority of immigrants are expected to come from countries in Africa and Asia, groups that today have lower occupational participation.

‘It is precisely because the immigration we are receiving will be dominated by people who pay substantially less tax than the amount they receive from public tax-financed welfare support, whether due to schooling, further education, health care, or cash benefits, that the extra tax cost will be NOK 10,000 per person annually,“ said Holmøy.

‘I think people are concerned that those who come here will be taxpayers, and contribute financially. We can’t only be kind in Norway, and say yes to people who don’t have an absolute need for asylum because we must be humanitarian. We must actually think about the sum of the taxes we pay, and the rights that we give’, said Prime Minister, Erna Solberg of Høyre (H).


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