Missing: 16 year old girl is missing!

matilde missing person

Nobody has seen Matilde since Thursday morning at 7:45 after she rode to school on her bike.

LAST : She is alive and well – Matilde has been found

She wore black pants, black sweater, a large scarf and a small turquoise backpack. The bike is a white Gekko bike.

Age: 16 years old.
Gender: Female.
Height: 1.54
Body: Slim
If you have seen her or have information that may be significant to the search, please contact the police on telephone: 02 800 or 67 57 61 20

All observations are important and can lead to Matilde coming home again.

What can you do?
Search your local Neighborhood. Take a thorough look in sheds, containers, under bridges, at the mall, in the area you are in when you are walking or jogging, talk with employees of local stores, gas stations, railway stations, clubs, social gathering places, campuses ETC.

If you observe Matilde, establish contact with her.

Search group on FaceBook

We will return with more information on an ongoing basis:

Thursday: (15.09.16)
– The bike is found. Matilde could have taken the train from Høvik Station.

Friday: (16.09.16)
– 16.48 – Possible observation outside Industrigata 17, Lillehammer 1.5 hours ago.