More than 200 people questioned in Gothenburg after a policeman was shot and killed

Gothenburg shootingPhoto: Björn Larsson Rosvall / TT / NTB

Swedish police have questioned over 200 people after a policeman was shot and killed in Hisingen in Gothenburg.

None of the detainees are direct suspects in the case.

“During the night between Thursday and Friday, we carried out investigation-related work. We knocked on doors, analyzed photos and video material from surveillance cameras,” police chief Dan Windt told Swedish Radio.

He also says that they have made 150 seizures and carried out over 200 interrogations.

“We have an increasingly clear picture of what happened,” he said.

The policeman who was killed moved out to Biskopsgården at Hisingen on Wednesday night with a colleague, where he was shot while standing and talking to some people.

No one arrested

The prosecution took over the investigation of the case on Friday. This may indicate that one or more people are suspected of the crime, newspaper Dagens Nyheter writes.

No persons have been arrested so far.

There are still many police officers present in Biskopsgården, the town where the policeman was killed.

Characterized by violence

According to Hans-Jörgen Ostler, police spokesman in the West Police District, many residents appreciate the presence in the area, which has long been characterized by violence and gang crime.

“We have received an incredible amount of support from the general public,” Ostler said.

“This means that I think we can build on this, and together counteract this type of crime that has been able to grow strongly in Biskopsgården,” he said.

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