Moving towards the peak year for berries and mushrooms

Blueberry season is aslo well underwayBlueberry season is aslo well underway.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

A hot June has paved the way for a top mushroom and berry season. Now they are finding the chanterelles, Hydnum repandum, russula and blueberries in Norwegian forests as well.

– It looks very good. It was a warm and nice spring, and there are many mushroom species, says Johs Kolltveit, Chairman of Norway mushroom and new growth Association, said to the news agency NTB.

Mushroom season is barely underway, but already now the possibilities are excellent for finding chanterelles, Hydnum repandum and russula. Mushroom season varies depending on the humidity and heat, and this year there have been good conditions.

– Last time we had such a warm June there was also a lot of penny bun, so it means we can hope for this also through this year and says Kolltveit.

Blueberry season is aslo well underway

– There are many local variations, but in Oslo’s woods Olsomarka have blueberries coming, and the other day I heard also that people have found cloudberries, says Kolltveit.

Mushrooms enthusiast says climate change has meant that the season begins earlier and lasts longer.

– To pick mushrooms and berries is a good way to spend the weekend, says Kolltveit.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today