NASA makes offer for people to send names to Mars

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It will take many years before people can travel to Mars, but NASA is offering people the chance to send their name to the distant, red planet.

In a rocket that is scheduled to be launched in July next year and land on Mars in February 2021, NASA will open the way for people to have their name sent to the planet. By putting names on microchips, people who register by September 30 will have their name sent to Mars.

The idea of sending people’s names to Mars is part of the effort for the forthcoming expedition that is part of NASA’s “Moon-to-Mars” program. By 2024, the goal is that people will again land on the moon and use the experience to send astronauts to Mars during the 2030s.

The unmanned expedition with all the names on board will send a vehicle to look for traces of microbiological life. It will also map out climate and geology on Mars, which will help pave the way for future manned trips to the planet.

During a similar stunt in connection with the ongoing InSight expedition to Mars, two million names were registered.

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