Norway Plugs 140,000 Electrics

electric car parkingElectric car charging. Photo:

Newest figures from Statistics Norway (SN) has Norway registering a total of 142,490 electric cars in 2018, (up 40% from 2017) and also of major increases within Norway’s diesel vehicle fleet.


Newest figures reflect 2,719,395 total passenger cars registered within Norway. Electrics total 5.1% of the passenger car stock, an increase as compared against 2016’s 3.7% total. The majority of Norway’s electric vehicles are passenger cars, at 139,000 total vehicles.

Asbjørn Willy Wethal, senior adviser, Statistics Norway commented upon the newest numbers, saying; ‘There’s been steady increase of registered electric vehicles in 2018, with 4,324 electrics registered this January & February. That’s 4.2% more than recorded within the first two months of 2017.’

2017 saw 3.3 million cars registered within Norway, 1.9% more than in 2016. 144,492 (5.3%) passenger cars were hybrid vehicles, with diesel’s ratio within total registered passenger cars at 47.6%.

‘Although sales of diesel passenger cars are gradually falling from 2012’s one-time diesel surcharge, overall diesel vehicle stock is increasing. This is partly due to the age of diesel vehicles compared against the average age of passenger cars. In a few years, these diesel’s will be replaced at a higher ratio than we’re seeing now,’ Wethal points out.

The average age of Norwegian passenger cars has remained stable, with the average age of vehicles in 2017 at 10.5 yrs., compared to 10.6 yrs. in 2016.

Norway features bus-lane access for electric vehicles, many electric car recharging stations, privileged parking & toll exemption for electrics. The Nordic nation boasts the highest per capita, all-electric car ownership in the world: 140,000 electrics in a country of 5.2M people.


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