New measures: Quarantine hotels will be mandatory for everyone returning to Norway from holiday trips

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Everyone who has been on holidays abroad will have to quarantine in a hotel until they have received a negative coronavirus test. That can happen at the earliest on day three of the quarantine.

“Those who return to Norway after an unnecessary leisure trip from abroad must complete the quarantine at hotels. This group must stay in quarantine hotels until a negative result to the test is produced, at the earliest on day three,” Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Monica Mæland (H) said at a press conference on Friday.

The Minister understands that the measure may appear strict.

“The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the National Institute of Public health (FHI) recommend delaying the spread of the more infectious virus variants as much as possible,” Mæland said.

The measure applies from night to Wednesday.

Exceptions for some business trips

Only people who have been on necessary trips can be seen as exceptions within the new measure’s framework.

Business trips are considered necessary when the employer confirms that the purpose of the trip is necessary for work, the government stated.

The measure applies from night to Wednesday. The government introduced quarantine hotels on November 9, but there have been exceptions for people who live in Norway and spend the quarantine in their homes or other suitable places.

Exceptions out of welfare considerations

“This is strict, and some will react to the fact that the quarantine can not be carried out at home. Many people miss boyfriends and family abroad, and therefore it has been important for the government to communicate this as soon as possible,” Mæland added.

There will be exceptions out of welfare considerations. That applies, for example, to those with minor children, the birth of one’s child, visiting the dying or seriously ill close family, and participation in the funeral of a close family member.

The quarantine rules themselves remain the same as before. The quarantine is still ten days. It can be shortened to seven days by a negative test.

Entry restrictions extended

The restrictions on entry to Norway will be continued until April 7. Most restrictions will probably be extended even after that.

“Strict entry rules will also be continued after April 7, but we will look at whether we can open up for a few selected groups by that date,” Mæland said.

The entry restrictions that came into force on January 29 mean that only people with necessary purposes can travel to Norway.

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