New poll: 74% of Norwegians want to take the corona vaccine

VaccinationPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

Three out of four Norwegians say they want to take the coronary vaccine. But only one in three has confidence that the vaccination process in Norway is effective.

Only one in three Norwegians – 34% – say that they have confidence that the pace of vaccination in Norway is effective. A total of 40% don’t think it’s effective, while the rest said they don’t know. 

“People were perhaps a little surprised that vaccines are in stock and that vaccination wasn’t moving on faster,” senior adviser Nora Clausen at Opinion noted.

The Norwegian Corona Monitor poll from Opinion asked 13,000 Norwegians if they want to get a vaccine against the coronavirus when it becomes available. 

More Norwegians want to take the vaccine

In addition, 1,800 Norwegians were asked if they had confidence in the pace of vaccination.

In January, three out of four Norwegians, 74%, said they would take the vaccine. 

Only 8% said “no,” while the rest were unsure. The proportion of those who said “yes” is now 7% points above the average for December.

“The number of those who say “no” to the vaccine has halved compared to the average for all measurements in the second half of 2020. At the same time, the number of those who are uncertain is decreasing,” Clausen said.

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