No ban on nachspiel in Ap’s #meeto rules

Drinks nachspiel alcoholDrinks all around. Photo: Pixabay

Ap’s  #metoo rules do not contain a ban on nachspiel

Labour’s (Ap) own #metoo committee has looked at new guidelines against sexual harassment and treatment of whistle blowers. But the committee does not want a ban on nachspiel (after parties).


The committee proposes that a case in the first instance by the Labour party if the event has occurred at events or gatherings relating to Ap. The rules will also contain a time limitation, writes Aftenposten.

The committee wishes to introduce contradiction, which means that both parties in a warning case are allowed to advocate their version of events.

– The right to contradiction becomes a fundamental principle, says leader of the committee, Pål Kulø Lønseth, to Aftenposten.

Alcohol at events arranged by the political parties has become an issue in the wake of the #metoo warnings. Lønseth says he believes it is beyond the committee’s mandate to assess a ban on alcohol at Labour party events.

– I think Cabninet Ministers should attend nachspiel. The Nachspiel is not the problem, its how you behave when present that can be, says Lønseth

The #metoo Committee also believes that the same rules should apply to political party representatives as for employees in the workplace as a whole. The Labour Party’s thousands of politicians using their spare time are not covered by the Working Environment Act in their relationship to the party.

The final recommendation from the committee will be presented to Labour’s Central Committee on June 11th.

Trond Giske resigned as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on January 7th after several warning cases against him. The warnings are related to sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Since then, a number of warnings have been reported against others in both Labour and other Norwegian political parties.


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