No flights to Catania after volcanic eruption

Etna's volcanoSmoke billows from the Mt. Etna's volcano, near Catania, in Sicily, southern Italy, Thursday, March 16, 2017. Volcanic rocks and steam injured at least 10 people, including tourists and a scientist, following an explosion on Sicily’s Mount Etna Thursday, witnesses and media reported. (AP Photo/Salvatore Allegra)

Authorities in Sicily halted all air traffic to and from the international airport of Catania for several hours due to the eruption of the Etna volcano. According to the airport management in Catania, several flights were cancelled or diverted to other airports. On Saturday afternoon the airport was open again.

On Saturday, the volcano continued to spew ash for its fifth day in a row but is now ongoing with low activity. All flights to Comiso Airport in Sicily were cancelled until 13.00, while Catania Airport allowed a limit of five flights per hour.

The volcano Etna previously erupted in February this year. The volcano is considered one of the world’s most active.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today