Norway’s national day

17th of MayOSLO.Norway’s national day.17th of May.Photo: Heiko Junge / Scanpix

Hurray! It’s the 17th of May – Marching bands, parades, traditional costumes and ice cream. A lot of ice cream. The celebration of the national day is a party like no other in Norway.

Brazilians have their carnival, while the Irish have Saint Patrick’s Day. Norway’s answer? Well, the closest thing we’ve got is the 17th of May, commemorating the signing of the constitution on that date in 1814. In Norway, the Constitution Day is huge.

While many countries celebrate their national day with a military parade, the 17th of May is more of a party for everyone, and especially the children. Before you head out in the streets, many will have a “17th of May breakfast” – often a potluck with friends and neighbours – with freshly baked bread, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and for the grown-ups, champagne. READ MORE about Norway’s national day

Source: / Norway Today