Norway’s population increased by 43,000 in 2016

People Karl Johan Oslo population growthPeople on Karl Johans gate in Oslo. Photo Norway Today Media

At the year’s end, Norway will have 5,257,000 inhabitants. Population growth this year is estimated at 43,000, constituting 0.83%. It is, historically, a high figure, yet shows the lowest growth since 2006.

Net immigration will account for 60% of population growth this year, while 40% is due to births, according to Statistics Norway (SSB).

According to SSB, the decline of the rate of population growth is due to the fact that more migrant workers from European countries are traveling home.

The birth rate surplus this year is estimated at 17,600, while net migration is expected to be about 25,800, which is 4,000 fewer than last year.

Akershus, Sør-Trøndelag and Oslo saw the largest expansion. Akershus grew by 1.6%, while South Trøndelag and Oslo grew by 1.3%. At the year’s end, there will be 667,000 inhabitants in Oslo.

The SSB calculations showed that Trondheim, grew by 1.7% this year, and at year’s end will have 190,000 inhabitants. Bergen grew only by 0.3%, and will have 278, 000 inhabitants by the end of the year.

Asylum seekers who have not been granted residence permits aren’t included in these figures.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today