Norway’s royal family on-site in Gjerdrum to meet rescue workers and evacuees

Harald Sonja Haakon - Atle SommerfeldtPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB POOL

The royal couple and the Crown Prince arrived at Gjerdrum on Sunday morning to meet the rescue crews.

Shortly before 11 o’clock, the royal couple and the Crown Prince arrived at the landslide site in Gjerdrum.

They have been informed about the rescue work in the landslide area.

Visiting evacuees

Later, the royal couple will go to Olavsgård hotel, and the Crown Prince will go to Clarion Gardermoen.

At both of these hotels, they will meet both relatives and evacuees. 

They will also meet representatives from Gjerdrum Municipality, as well as the emergency services who are contributing to the comprehensive rescue operation.

In total, five out of the ten people who have not been accounted for after the landslide on Wednesday morning were found dead.

Harald Sonja Haakon - Gjerdrum
Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB POOL

Royal family lights candles in Gjerdum church 

After meeting the rescue crews in Gjerdrum, the royal family went to Gjerdrum church to lit candles for the landslide victims.

In Gjerdrum church, the king, queen, and crown prince greeted Bishop Atle Sommerfeldt. 

Then they lit candles to remember the victims after the landslide on Wednesday.

King Harald: This is absolutely awful 

The royal couple was clearly affected by the tragedy when they met the press during their visit to Gjerdrum.

“I have problems finding things to say because this is absolutely terrible,” King Harald said.

Queen Sonja praised the emergency services and spoke about the warmth of the inhabitants. 

“We have gained a good insight into the work the emergency services have done. They are talented people,” she said.

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