Norwegian expert: The meteorite in Finnemarka could take years to find

Morten BiletPhoto: Norsk Meteornettverk / NTB

The search for the meteorite in Finnemarka did not provide any results on Friday. But there is still hope for discovery. However, it could take several years, according to an expert.

Friday’s search was organized by the Red Cross. The organization invited people to join the search, and nearly 80 “meteorite hunters” showed up. 

The Norwegian Meteor Network has calculated where the meteorite may have landed. Friday’s search was systematically conducted in that specific area.

“I am still optimistic that it can be found. Our investigations have revealed evidence that something has ended up on the ground,” meteor expert Morten Bilet in the Norwegian Meteor Network told news bureau NTB.

He was not physically present in Friday’s search due to holiday plans but was still heavily involved in the operation.

“We hope it slowed down”

Last weekend, a meteor generated a flash of light and caused loud bangs over large parts of Southern Norway. Many worried Norwegians immediately called the emergency services, but meteorologists quickly realized that the light and the sound were caused by a meteor.

Experts found out early on that it landed in Finnemarka just north of Drammen. 

“We hope that it hit a rock or a tree, something that has slowed it down,” Bilet said.

He referred to 2006 when a similar meteor fell in the eastern region, more specifically, near Moss. There it hit a plum tree, which cracked. The homeowner found the meteorite in the middle of the lawn in his yard.

Could take many years

“In our climate, a rock meteorite will quickly weather into gravel. They break slowly, but it will surely happen,” he added.

“It is important to strike while the iron is hot (and find it soon),” the meteor expert noted.

The meteor has been a hot topic in the media and among people. But as exploration and search operations are likely to decline over time, the meteorite may end up forgotten.

But the hope of finding it will not disappear, Bilet assured. Many meteorites have been found years after they landed, and the same can happen with this one.

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