Norwegian government: Attack on Ukraine may occur at very short notice – it’s Russia’s responsibility to de-escalate

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A Russian attack on Ukraine could be imminent and could happen at very short notice, according to the Norwegian government. Norway is sending more soldiers to Lithuania.

“A Russian attack on Ukraine may be imminent,” Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (AP) said at the press conference in the Norwegian parliament (Storting) on Tuesday morning.

She met the press together with Minister of Defense Odd-Roger Enoksen (SP) after informing the Storting about the Russian build-up of forces.

Attack without warning

It is difficult to say how great the risk is that Russia will invade Ukraine, Enoksen noted.

“But what is absolutely certain is that Russia is able to attack Ukraine almost without time for a prior warning,” he said.

Enoksen and Huitfeldt emphasized that it is Russia’s responsibility to de-escalate the situation. Enoksen believes that Russia has so far not shown a willingness to engage in real negotiations, despite intense diplomatic work over time.

“We are facing a serious situation because the build-up of Russian forces continues,” Huitfeldt said.

Norway sending up to 60 soldiers to Lithuania

Norway is sending 50-60 new soldiers to Lithuania. The troop is set to travel to Lithuania soon, and will be there for a period of three months with the possibility of extension, Enoksen stated.

“This is a contingency both to show solidarity and to contribute to the request for assistance by the eastern flank of NATO.” 

The Norwegian forces will have no role in the conflict.

“The forces must first and foremost be present on NATO territory in eastern NATO countries.”

No provocation

There is no reason to believe that Russia will perceive this as a provocation, Enoksen stated.

“We have been there for a long time; there is no reason to believe that it should be perceived as provocative in any way,” he said.

There is also no reason to increase preparedness in the north.

“We see no increased activity or increased risk in the north. This is a normal situation. We have moved forces from the north down to the areas around Ukraine,” he said.

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1 Comment on "Norwegian government: Attack on Ukraine may occur at very short notice – it’s Russia’s responsibility to de-escalate"

  1. The 50-60 Norwegian troops to Lithuania are a nice gesture, but the bottomline is whether or not there are *American* (U.S. Cavalry) nuclear tripwire detachments in the Baltics … as there soon were after our 2014 Kiev coup and me – in my public forums and through more direct channels – then immediately urging SecDef Chuck Hagel and Pres Obama to get them there ASAP.

    But let’s see:
    Any day
    Very short notice

    Are we running out of emergency descriptors here? 😎

    Meanwhile, “back at the ranch” on the steppes,

    How embarrassing. 😎
    And Russian tanks have always had wide tracks exactly to deal with the bi-seasonal Sea of Mud – rasputitsa.

    “Digger helping dozen Russian T-72 tanks stuck in the mud
    Recently upgraded and ready for combat Russian T-72 B3 tanks were sent to an exercise in the Rostov region, near the Ukrainian border, and then stuck in the mud”

    By the way, BulgarianMilitary com is THE place to go for objective/independent military weapons and strengths assessments and news and the inside word on what is happening in Asia Minor (Turkey, etc.), the Levant, and the Black Sea region.

    And the temperature at 1500 today in Zaparozhe – as in Taras Bulba’s Zaparozhian Cossacks – on the lower Dnepr River is 6C. 😈
    Meanwhile, 4C in Kiev as it is in the always marshy anyway Prip’yat/Pripet flanking position to the west northwest.

    How air mobile is Russian armor?

    So it looks like the winter campaign season is over in Ukraine AND the Russians are claiming their forces are now returning to their bases

    … unless this is staged maskirovka/deception.

    If not, Anniken’s and Odd Roger’s credibility re: Ukraine should be feeling the heat too.

    Regardless, what about sivillforsvars becoming its own ministry instead of bottom priority under more war toys?

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