Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS): – Russia and China increase intelligence pressure against Norway

Norwegian Intelligence ServiceNorwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) Morten Haga Lunde.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

Intelligence from Russia and China is the biggest security threat to Norway, and operations are becoming increasingly coordinated and effective, believes the NIS.

The Intelligence Threat is the most ongoing and comprehensive security challenge facing Norway and Norwegian interests. Russian and Chinese players account for the majority of the activity, and the operations are more coordinated, writes the NIS in its ungraded assessment of relevant security threats against Norway in 2019.

The goals are political and military, as well as research institutions and companies with access to high technology, they write.

They also point out that Russia and China cooperate more than before.

“The focus on the development of the military and the conflict with the West will lead to Russia turning more towards China to support infrastructure development. The military cooperation between Russia and China is also growing, they write.

In the long term, we must be prepared for a clearer Chinese presence also in our neighboring areas, the NIS continues.

Furthermore, they note that Russia is continuing its efforts to undermine political processes and increase polarization in Europe and NATO. The fact that this is sometimes revealed does not seem to affect Russian activity, according to NIS.

In addition to fake news, a growing amount of edited news sites are being established that systematically put Western societies and values in a bad light. Norway is no exception, they write.

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