Norwegian police to be armed due to intensified threat of extreme Islamist attacks

Armed policePhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

The Norwegian police response personnel shall be armed for a period of three weeks due to the increased threat assessment from the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST).

The measure will take effect on Thursday, the Police Directorate announced.

On Friday last week, PST published an updated threat assessment according to which the threat from extreme Islamism has intensified.

While there is no concrete threat to Norway, “recent incidents in Europe are a reminder that the police must always take into account that unwanted incidents may occur,” the police said.

“The police’s most important job is to secure the population. We have a close dialogue with PST about how the situation in Europe affects Norwegian conditions and make ongoing assessments of whether it is necessary to take measures that respond to these developments,” Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland noted.

Means of attack

PST’s threat assessment describes it as probable that a possible attack motivated by extreme Islamism would be carried out by an individual who would attack public gatherings or symbolic targets such as police and defense personnel. 

The means of attack would likely involve stabbing / stabbing weapons or vehicles.

“Arming (the police) is therefore considered an important measure for self-protection, to ensure speed in the response and to be able to avert or adequately respond to such incidents,” Bjørnland concluded.

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