Norwegian security service: The threat of Islamist terrorism has intensified

PSTPhoto: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) believes that the threat of terrorism from extreme Islamists in Norway has intensified since its last assessment. The threat level is still moderate.

The update was announced by the Police Security Service in a press release on Friday.

“We still consider it possible that someone will try to carry out terrorist acts in Norway, motivated by religious or Islamist motives,” PST wrote.

“It will not take much before the assessment of the expected threat is changed to probable,” PST added.

Assessment elaboration

The PST provided some clarification to its assessment.

“The background for the assessment is that the tension between freedom of expression and what many Muslims experience as offenses to Islam is growing both in Norway and Europe. 

“Perceived offenses to Islam are a key factor in the radicalization of Islamist and religiously motivated terrorism. 

“Al-Qaeda and ISIL have also recently issued several calls to Muslims in all countries to avenge such offenses. However, the majority of Muslims distance themselves from terrorism.

“It is likely that Islam-critical actors in Norway will continue to commit acts that some Muslims will find offensive. 

“Various actors on social media also spread false news about alleged acts of offenses to Islam in Norway. 

“If it is difficult for recipients to distinguish between fake and real news, this may contribute to reinforcing the image that Norway is a country where Islam is being offended,” the PST wrote. 

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