The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority warns of Easter sunbathing

Eggedalsfjellene.Eggedal.A wonderful sun. Photo: Erik Johansen / SCANPIX

Early Easter means less intense solar radiation, but a thin ozone layer may still lead to days with up to 20 percent higher radiation on the skin. NRPA recommends breaks from the sun.
– The latest survey on sunbathing habits from 2014 shows that we are still sun bathing, and most do it to get a tan. Several of the respondents also state getting the right amounts vitamin D as their reason for sun bathing, and it is true that we need some sun, but Norwegians have to become much better at not overdoing their sunbathing, researcher Lill Tove Nilsen in NRPA news agency NTB says.
Because of this year’s early Easter,  the sun is less intense in the Easter week compared with two years ago. Nevertheless    sunscreen and sunglasses  are necessary in snowy areas and if you are to stay outside for long amounts of time.
According to the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) the ozone layer over Norway has been 10 to 20 percent thinner than normal so far this winter. This means that some of the days of Easter this year will have higher levels of UV radiation than usual


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today