Norwegians are happier than we think

HappyHappy in Norway. Photo Norway Today Media

When asked how many of our fellow Norwegians think we are very happy or fairly happy, Norwegians responded with 60 percent. The correct answer is 88 percent.

The under estimate of the assessment of our “national happiness” appears in an international survey conducted by Ipsos, and Norwegians’ pessimism about each other is not a unique trait, writes Dagbladet.

– Globally, we are pessimistic when it comes to people’s level of happiness, says Ipsos Managing Director Bobby Duffy. Brits, Brazilians and Swedes are also among the many who underestimate their compatriots happiness in life.

There were no countries in the survey whose citizens were too optimistic, but there were considerable variation in the degree of underestimation.

In South Korea and Hong Kong which are respectively believed to be 24 and 28 percent, said that their fellow citizens were happy. The correct answer is 90 and 89 percent.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today