Swedish police drops case against students accused of deliberately spreading corona to get herd immunity

Face masksPhoto: Georg Arthur Pflueger / Unsplash

High school students in Östersund were reported for wanting to spread corona infection in order to acquire herd immunity in time to be able to participate in the graduation parties before the summer.

The police received a report during the weekend but dropped the case on Monday.

“The report was very general and did not state which school or which students were in question,” head of investigation Niklas Stjernlöf told SVT Jämtland.

According to the report, the students’ intention to be infected was to achieve so-called herd immunity so that they could celebrate the end of upper secondary school in the spring.

A complete surprise

The information came as a complete surprise to the school authorities in the area.

“This is completely new to us. We have seen what the media writes but have not yet been contacted by the police. 

“We have also not heard from national infection control authorities,” Micael Cederberg at Jämtland’s gymnasforbund said.

He will now contact all principals in the organization and ask them to report back on the issue.

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