More Norwegians in Panama Papers have signed up for ØKOKRIM

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The past week has ØKOKRIM been called daily by the Norwegians who are linked to tax havens in Panama Papers.

It revolves around some, but not many, callers so far, says chief public prosecutor Peter Nordengveien in ØKOKRIM Dagbladet.
Information on over 200,000 Panama Papers companies on Monday has been placed openly on the Internet so everyone could see it, including Norwegian tax authorities and Norwegian authorities. The public database contains information on dozens of Norwegians. Therefore, ØKOKRIM created a phone number for Norwegians who want to enroll.
It may be a criminal offense to have money abroad not declared to Norway. Those who volunteer to ØKOKRIM can get a sentence reduction.
“The information we receive is handled further, eventually also in cooperation with the IRS. We do not wish to say anything else about the number and content of these calls for the sake of any subsequent investigation,” says Nordengveien Dagbladet.
The call to join the remains fully valid, he emphasizes.

ØKOKRIM: The National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today