Notices from Norway on August 10th, 2018

Rescue Boat, stolen watercraft Sørfjorden Kristiansand drowning accidents drowned noticesRescue Boat. Photo: Redninsselskapet

Notices from Norway on August 10th, 2018

Tram Collided with a truck in Oslo

A tram collided with a truck in downtown Oslo around 6 pm on Friday. One person was injured in the accident.

The police write on Twitter that the person gets medical supervision by an ambulance crew on the spot, but that it is not critical.

The accident happened at the intersection between Storgata andHausmanns gate in the centre of Oslo.

The tram derailed in the collision, and the truck needs salvage, which creates major challenges for the traffic in the area, the police writes.

The mobile network is down in several places due to the storm

Several of Telenor’s base stations in Østfold, Akershus and Hedmark went down on Friday afternoon due to power outages in connection with the storm.

– At the moment, 15 base stations in Østfold, 13 in Akershus and 5 in Hedmark are out of service due to power outages caused by the storm, says press officer at Telenor, Roald Orheim to NTB at 18 pm on Friday.

He does not know how many customers are affected by the fact that the base stations are not functioning.

– We are a slave to power being supplied to our base stations, so we rely on the power companies to correct the failure before the base stations can get back to operation. There is some auxiliary power in batteries at each station, but that does not last long, says Orheim.

Many need help from the rescue company in Oslofjorden

The rescue company has all vessels on duty while the wind is raging in the Oslo Fjord. – Troubled by so many vessels out on the sea, the company writes on Twitter.

In the Twitter message, the rescue service asks for understanding that they prioritise life and health assignments over boats with mooring troubles.

The rescue company urged boat owners to take the weather forecast into account and to remember the safety at sea rules on Friday morning. It was regardless of the warning very busy for them when the wind arrived.

– Our message is that the boat people must take weather reports into account, respect the conditions and follow the rules of safety at sea. Anyone who is going out to sea must respect the conditions, especially today when there are very demanding wind conditions, says Press Officer Oddbjørn Nesje to NTB.

The Rygge festival cancels concerts due to the storm

Due to the weather, the Rygge Festival will cancel its concerts on Friday evening.

– This is of course very regrettable, but we are now working to get the program extended on Saturday instead. DDE has confirmed that they will change their program and come on Saturday, says the Festival Manager, Kjetil Børdalen-Elstad.

An event for the children on Saturday afternoon will also be cancelled. People who have bought tickets for Friday can use them on Saturday instead or get the money back, according to the organizer.


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