Notifications: Flood warnings, shrub fires and sausages

Flooding notifications DrangsholtFlooding, Photo:

Notifications for May 29, 2017

Flood warning extended to include more municipalities

High temperatures and a sunny weekend have led to heavy snow melting in central Norway and in western Norway. The flood warning from the weekend is expanded to even more municipalities.

The weekend was marked by record high temperatures in several parts of the country.

– This will maintain intense snowmelt and high water flow in rivers with a lot of snow in the catchment area. The situation is very sensitive to temperature changes, sounds the warning from Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate at

Flood warning on the yellow level is issued from Namdalen in Nord-Trøndelag, to Røros in Sør-Trøndelag, west towards Volda in Møre and Romsdal, across Sognefjellet, Jotunheimen and south to Etne in Rogaland.

Sørlandsbanen closed due to shrub fires

The railroad (Sørlandsbanen) is closed between Audnedal and Kristiansand due to a number of smaller fires along the line.

Some of the fires are extinguished, but the fire department reports that several of them have also flared up again.

It burns at Marnardal station, north of Øyslebø and at Gjervoldstad in Songdalen.

– We have control of shrub fires in Marnardal, but it still burning in the direction of Kristiansand, says Watch Officer, Tor Oddvar Torkelsen, in the fire brigade.

Coop withdraws vegetarian sausages

Coop pulls back sausages made from rapeseed oil and egg protein because the packaging has inadequate allergen labeling of milk.

The sausage “Coop Vegetardag” has now been removed from Coop’s stores. Customers who bought the sausages, which are marked with sell by date 4.6.2017 and batch / Lot: 31731817, can return the product to the store and get the money back. According to Coop, sausages can pose a health hazard to those who are allergic to milk.


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