Norwegians drank less milk last year

Tine Milk, Tetra-PakTine milk.Photo: Norway Today Media

Each Norwegian drank two liters less milk in 2019 than in 2018. Sales have been steadily declining over the last ten years.

Figures from published in the Nation show that sales of sweet milk went from 364 million liters in 2018 to 355 million liters in 2019. Milk sales have decreased by 50 million liters in a total of ten years. In total, we drank 81 liters of milk last year, reports Agriculture24.

Bent Myrdahl, CEO of Q-Dairies, points out to the Nation that sales of other dairy products have increased for several years, but that it has now stagnated.

– “We use milk in a different way and we have to be creative as an industry,” he says to the Nation.

Tine also states that they are working to find new products and reduce costs.

Statistics for dairy products other than milk show that we buy less cheese and yogurt, among other things, while there has been a minimal upturn for cream and butter.

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