NPE Malpractice: NOK 238M

HospitalHospital.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Loss of income to both patients and relatives suffering from malpractice within Norway’s health care system generated 39% of all claims paid first-quarter through state-run NPE (Norwegian patient injury compensation).


Ramifications of medical malpractice upon a patient often brings long-lasting loss of income & quality of life. The state-run agency NPE offers Norwegians financial compensation to offset the suffering brought about by malpractice.

NPE shows 2018, first-quarter payments of NOK 238M released to patients and/or their relatives who’ve suffered injuries or loss.

Rolf Gunnar Jørstad, Director of NPE gave comment; ‘We know that financial compensation against the injuries caused by medical mistakes is important for the afflicted. The important issue isn’t how many applications we receive. It’s much more important that patients and relatives who believe that they’ve suffered malpractice to submit an application to NPE so that we may assess the case and respond.’

2018 thus far, NPE has received 1,548 claims. The agency expects to accept about 6000 total claims for year 2018. Last year, the first three months of 2017 saw NPE release NOK 235M in compensation disbursements to claimants.

The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation, NPE, is a state agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Health & Care; processing malpractice claims, the collection of case data and in promoting NPE’s ability to offer financial help.


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