Norway 2017 Meat @ 351,300 tonnes

PigPig.Photo: Lise Åserud / SCANPIX

Statistics Norway has released year 2016/2017 statistics of the country’s meat production, showing a 2% increase over the previous calendar year.


Sheep production saw the highest increase between 2016 – 2017 with a 6% rise in production figures. Cattle production increased 4%, poultry increased 3% and pigs the only meat type declining in production; down 0.3%.

Despite declines, pork accounts for 39% of all meat produced within Norway, with poultry second @ 29% and beef @ 24%.

Statistics Norway reports a total 2017 meat tonnage of 137,250 tonnes pork, poultry @ 100,969 tonnes and beef @ 85.196 tonnes-total produced.

Norway’s Rogaland county generated the most meat production; with 2017 seeing 29% of all Norwegian meat production stemming from Rogaland.

Statistics Norway gathers and collates wide-ranging information & provides a reliable, historical framework of data utilized by state & private entities.


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